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Social dance and appreciation

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Social dance and appreciation 
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The book Art Dance
The quality of art is essential to the fullness of life, is the premise of elegant life.A Shi-Shu abdominal gas from China, is an art in itself, grace will be more lightly, temperament will be more elegant.
The first chapter outlines the 

first dance origin
second dance history of the development of
third ballroom dance of the origin and development of

second chapter overview of
the first section of ballroom dancing ballroom dance classification of
A, modern dance
Three Latin dance, modern dance and Latin dance. The difference between
second ballroom dance basic characteristics of
A, hand function
three, dance dance
third intensity of ballroom dancing costumes, dance, site selection of
A, dance clothing
three site requirements, dance select the
fourth basic requirements of
a ballroom dance, ballroom dance basic technique and style of the master
two, ballroom dance etiquette
four dancers instruments, music melody
six, lead the way arrangement of ballroom dancing benefits

third chapter ballroom dance basic elements of
first floor ballroom dance of the basic elements of
a ballroom dance dance, dance floor name custom solutions
two, ballroom dance floor

fourth chapter learning ballroom dancing is the basic method of
the first standard gripHold and position
second step method of
third reflexive method
Fourth swing method
fifth chapter of modern dance waltz --
sixth chapter -- Vienna modern dance the waltz
seventh chapter ballroom Tango Dance --
eighth chapter dance -- the foxtrot
ninth chapter ballroom quickstep --
tenth chapter ballroom Rumba --
eleventh chapter Latin Dance -- Cha-Cha
the twelfth chapter -- Latin dance Samba
thirteenth chapter cowboy dance Latin Dance --
fourteenth chapter Latin Dance -- bull dance
fifteenth chapter Bruce
sixteenth chapter slow four step
seventeenth fast four step
eighteenth chapter jitterbug
nineteenth chapter Dance Sport contest rule

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