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Cape of Good Hope feed one's sight on

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Cape of Good Hope feed one's sight on 
Foreign language teaching and Research Press
Asher Skowronek, Bi Xiyan
 Price:28.90  Pages:227 

The book Foreign language learning English reading
In the last part, we read "open sesame" this lovely spell approached the western.In two outstanding "Wizard" accompanied by feelings of the other side of the world, people growing pains, understand their love, marriage, freedom and ideal attitude.In this series, the wizard will lead us to a deeper experience of travel, have a look the ideological roots of both Chinese and Western cultures is interesting and the following.Westerners are crazy for buy a house and decoration?Criminal behavior and media power is how the game?Civilian draft behind social causes how?......In front of you will remain a colorful world, pure and beautiful words and witty humor sparks.Time is up, let us to feed one's sight on the road, right!
Unit One The Weekend 
Unit Two Car Culture weekend car culture
Unit Three House and Garden
Unit Four Wildlife in the gardens in the city of Cities
Unit Five Crime and wild animal the Media
Unit Six Waste crime and media and Consumption
Unit Seven Psychotherapy and waste and consumption psychological therapy and psychotherapy of psychiatry
Unit Eight The Cult of Celebrity celebrity worship
Unit Nine Multicultural Societies
Unit Ten Selling Yourself multicultural society self-promotion.
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